surprise, i wrote a games article with feminist tones… hey, it’s my section. EDITOR BENEFITS.
the best thing about this beautiful page is that i got to collaborate with my best friend from across the pond. her illustration really makes this feature, and i’m so proud of her.
life is exciting when you’re in the uk and you can work with your pal in new zealand and make things that people enjoy. :3

Today was my first day at the internship I just got at Groove Guide magazine. The people are all so nice and I learnt a lot :) This weeks’ issue went to print tonight, so tomorrow I’m going to hunt down a place to pick it up and see my first page of published design :) Thanks to Gabi ( for the heads up about the position!

frenchlaceandhappydays: Hey Gemma, love your work! :D

Thank you so much, Michelle :) Thanks for the follow too! 

delinquentville-deactivated2013: <3.

One four three two seven four.


So, I love watercolour pencils and fine liner pens.